4 Places to Spend the New Year’s Eve in Bandung

New Year’s Eve

Most folks would love to celebrate this brand new year with pleasure, especially those young men and women. Inevitably some people have a plan where they will celebrate, some are still looking for the right place.

Bandung is among the favorite cities to spend New Year’s Eve together with family, friends, friends as well as lovers. Bandung itself is famed for having a lot of places that are used to being a subscription to New Year parties, and naturally with lively treats. Following are a few of the areas which are the center of New Year’s Eve parties in Bandung.

Dago Area

Dago area in Bandung is one place that regularly provides many different entertainment offerings from the Bandung area. Well, in the time of this New Year bash, usually this can be quite crowded. Dago is also a regular gathering place for creative communities. At the end of the year at this location, there are always events, those people who are creative can take part in enlivening New Year’s Eve.

For evenings, usually along the dago street, this is what will make the air in Dago comfy with no car or truck. But New Year celebrations at this place has to be viewed out, since there are usually road closures from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., in the morning. Therefore, if you want New Year’s Eve in this location, come before 8:00 p.m. and make sure that the parking at the place that can go out before 13 p.m.

Bandung City Square

On the night of the turn of the calendar year, this area is usually filled with lots of vehicles, so the path to the location can be jammed. But if you want to feel the atmosphere that’s typical of Bandung City, the region of ​​Bandung Square ought to be the best option. There are a lot of snacks out there here and various sorts of culinary specialties of Kembang City. Much more exciting, usually held many types of entertainment which are comparatively inexpensive and affordable.

But keep in mind, a few congestions points around this region are often started in the afternoon, so if you would like to devote a new year’s eve at this location, you need to set the departure schedule as early as possible.

Lembang Region

This area is no longer a secret. It’s not wrong if, in Lembang Bandung, there are lots of tourist locations that are people’s option to spend New Year’s Eve. Not just that, on weekdays and weekends, many men and women see this location possibly only to wash their eyes to vacation.

The number of tourist destinations and the atmosphere is very fresh, this region is one of the preferred locations. Therefore don’t be surprised if this Lembang area is highly recommended for those of you who wish to enjoy New Year’s Eve with family or relatives.

Bukit Bintang

For those who are used to vacationing at the Town of Bandung, naturally, this region is already comfortable, for those young People could possibly be attached to the ear. Along with the fresh air, you can also Relish the sparkling nightlife of Bandung out of this area. Can also be many snacks and beverages that are suitable for accompanying one to enjoy New Year’s Eve, beginning from roasted corn, grilled sticky rice, boiled peanuts, bandrek, or coffee all here.