How to Use Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup

Women with sensitive skin will find relief when they choose hypoallergenic salicylate-free cosmetics. When you have skin allergies, you can’t take any chances by using cosmetic and beauty products that can cause your skin to break out. By using salicylate-free cosmetics, you can rest assured that they are safe personal care products that will not cause flare-ups in your skin, yet will help you to look and feel wonderful.

Salicylic acid is derived from plants, and many plants containing this acid find their way into common medicines, cosmetics, and toiletries. Salicylic acid is used in acne treatment products and dandruff shampoos because of its ability to loosen and remove the top layer of skin from the area where it is applied, which leaves the skin able to create fresh new skin cells.

However, many people have sensitivity to salicylic acid and thus suffer allergic reactions when using products containing this plant byproduct. Symptoms can include an itchy rash on the skin, as well as difficulties with breathing, stomach pain, headaches, and swelling of the skin, among others. When these individuals switch to salicylate-free cosmetics, they often experience dramatic relief from the uncomfortable reactions caused by exposure to salicylic acid.

You can buy cosmetics online, such as mineral makeup, which do not contain this allergen. Mineral cosmetics come in all familiar types, such as foundation, concealer, eye shadow and mascara, lipsticks, beauty and lip glosses, and even nail color, and all are non-toxic mineral-based beauty treatments. These salicylate-free cosmetics work wonderfully on sensitive skin because they are lightweight enough to not clog facial pores, yet provide great coverage and all-day staying power.

Mineral makeups also contain components that are active sunscreens. What this means is that the sunscreen is already built into the makeup, so you do not need to buy another separate product to achieve protection from damaging ultraviolet rays.

Those who suffer from acne will find this especially beneficial since many acne treatments that include salicylic acid require you to stay out of the sun to prevent skin damage. With mineral makeup, not only are your pores kept clear, but sun protection is built in, so you need not limit your outdoor activities yet will continue to look your best. Salicylate-free cosmetics are part of a full lineup of safe personal care products that your whole family can use with confidence.