How Do We Order a Composition


As always, and luckily, there are no rigid rules or compositions, but there are a few tricks or tips that will help make the compositions more natural and at the same time more interesting for the viewer.

Western Reading

Western is surely your usual way of reading, and you will say, What does that matter? Well, in photography a lot. Through years and years of analyzing text and images, our brain naturally processes them from left to right and top to bottom.

The Lines

Another way to help Rent a car in Dubai us organize images is to use lines in our compositions. The lines, be they real or imaginary, guide the gaze within the frame as if it were an arrow.

Visual Weight And Balance

Another form closely linked to order in composition is what we know as visual weight, which is the degree of attraction of the elements that appear on the scene. Many variables determine the visual weight of each of these elements. Color, size, shape, contrast, texture, brightness and a long etcetera. Weight directly conditions the way we look at the scene. As much as we want to attract our gaze to an ant perfectly located somewhere in the rule of thirds within the frame, if it has an elephant next to it, it will hardly work for us to play with the lines or another technique.


The movement of the objects that appear in the scene, be it literal or simply the idea of ​​it (for example marked by the directionality of an object that appears static but to which we associate an intrinsic movement), also marks the way in which we read the image and the order in which we perceive the elements.