Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations in the World

There are places in the world that are just incredible and you should definitely add to your travel bucket list but at the same time you should stay as far away as possible. I know this doesn’t make sense, but all of the most interesting destinations are mostly the most dangerous and although we are warned off them, our mind tells us otherwise and the next thing you know you are standing thousands of feet off the ground with only a plank of wood underneath you to stop you from falling to your death.

The world is an amazing place and gives us the option to head for a safe heaven and kick back on a luxurious beach or head to somewhere that is just as beautiful but also more dangerous. Sitting on the beach is not for everyone, and speaking for me when I say that your travels need excitement and adrenaline fuelled activities. Below are just some of the most literally breath taking and said to be dangerous places you can visit play online pokies website around the world and are perfect for even the biggest adrenaline junkie.

Mt. Hushing Plank Path, China

Now you cannot start your dangerous tourist destinations blog post without starting with the Mt Hushing Plank Path. I actually saw this featured in the Metro today and I must say it looks insane! Not only are you thousands of feet about ground but you also have just 12-inch wide planks to cost tied to the cliff face. Your only chance of survival is if you buy… yes buy a safety harness to strap yourself to the cliff as there are no bars or hand rails to keep hold off!

The North Young’s Road, Bolivia

If you haven’t come across this road name before you might know it by its better know name, Death Road. This road runs between La Paz and Carioca, 60km long and is only 10 feet wide! If it’s a thrill ride you are after then why not try to ride your luck down what is said to be the most dangerous road in the world. Death Road gained its renowned status and name after numerous deaths being reported there.

Mont Blanc, France/Italy

I know I have mentioned Mont Blanc in a previous post but it really is a spectacular place to visit but danger also lurks around the corner. Mountain climbing itself can always loom an adventure with a sense of danger with unexpected avalanches and freezing climates but Mont Blanc offers a new kind of crazy and danger! The peaks of Mont Blanc reach up to 16,000 ft and have wind speeds of 59 mph nearer the top of the climb. A number of travelers have died on this trek but let’s be honest it is way to awesome a place to miss out on. If you are looking for some extra money then you must try best online casino us and start making money.

Villarreal Volcano, Chill

Now this is one truly for the insane or to any thrill seeker looking to get their adrenaline fix.  If you have a fear of heights, lava or the scariest of adventures then this is not for you. When jumping from the helicopter it is only you bungee, which keeps you from incineration in live white lava pools. At your lowest point on the jump you will come within 600ft of such pools and you may think that is still a fair distance away but when your life is on the line then its way closer than you think! Again though, it is way too good an opportunity to miss out on so get in the Chopper!  As Arnold used to say!

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