Types Of Forex Bonuses Available Online

Online Forex brokers offer many special bonuses to the investors to attract them into Forex trading. There are many different types of Forex bonuses are available for the traders. But before you make a step forward to grab these exciting bonuses; it’s your duty to go through all the terms and conditions associated with these bonus plans. We are introducing you to different Forex bonuses which are available for you. We provide you accurate information related to the Forex trading and different bonus plans and strategies.

Types of Bonus

To get the best bonus doesn’t mean to get the biggest bonus. The best bonus is that which can be clear easily, and the first investment can be less or you can say that the percentage on your initial deposit is higher. Let us discuss some exciting bonus

1. Sign up Bonus: This is the most special bonus which is given to the newbie traders when they make their registration into the trading. Sign up bonus are also called Welcome bonus, as the name indicate that this bonus is offered to the client when he/she makes their first deposit. It mainly comes in term of percentage. For an instance, if the broker offers 100% bonus to the trader that means the broker double the amount which is invested by the trader. If the bonus percentage is 50% then it means half of the amount which is deposited by the trader will be added.

2.No deposit Bonus: It is one of the most tempting bonuses which allow newbie to take part in trading without any fear of losing the money. This bonus scheme permits a newbie to create a live account and to start trading without investing any money. Even the brokers put some amount into the account of the trader and allow them to trade with that amount and to earn as much profit as they can.

3.Redeposit bonus: A redeposit bonus is the type of bonus which is offered to the trader by the same broker on making second time investment. Some brokers offer such bonus on second deposit only where there are some brokers who offer a redeposit bonus to the trader on every investment the trader makes. This bonus has also come in the form of percentage.

4.Rebate Bonus: A rebate bonus is that amount of money which is given to the trader after a trade. Let’s suppose that if a rebate bonus is fixed to 15 dollar then the trader will receive 15 dollars after each trade. This is the bonus which is given to the trader after each trade that he makes.

5.Forex instant bonus: These are considered to be the best Forex bonus offered to the trader. These bonuses are pretty big and tempting. They are simply transferred to your account instantly. When it comes to the online Forex trading, there are many brokers who want you to use their platform for trading and for this purpose they offer you instant bonus.

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