Blackjack Variations

Blackjack is one of the most popular games of skill. This card game appeared in 1700s and gained huge popularity that caused the creation of various blackjack games. The rules and main ideas of these games were similar but still with some differences and, what is more important, they resembled the traditional game.

Unlike a game of chance, like internet bingo, best real money pokies, online blackjack is a game of skill mixed in with some luck of the cards. Knowing how to play online blackjack well requires some studying of skill cards and reading up on strategy guides. Once you have done this, your blackjack playing will improve ten-fold.

The excitement of blackjack just got better with the lucky blackjack variant. In this blackjack format, only the dealer’s hand is dealt and you have to guess the value. Learn to play lucky blackjack to enjoy this fun game at Playtech casinos.

Blackjack Games Peculiarities

It is common knowledge for all blackjack players that this game requires lots of learning and practicing. Basic blackjack strategy and rules must be learned in order for players to feel more confident when playing blackjack in land casinos and even if they play blackjack online. However, the most important is to know the difference between blackjack game variations and not to be taken aback by the peculiarities that influence considerably the house edge of the game. So, lets us consider the most famous australianonlinecasino online casino games.

European Blackjack

European blackjack is highly popular as it is very easy and interesting game to play. The rules of the game are similar to those of traditional blackjack. However, there are slightest differences as the shoe consists of two decks of 52 cards. The dealer must always stand on 17 and players can hit to 9 cards to have 11 cards total.

Double Exposure

Double Exposure is also a popular variation of blackjack where players are given better chances for winning. For example, in traditional blackjack one of the two initial dealer’s cards is hidden, whereas in this game both cards are revealed to the players.

Another pretty famous blackjack games are Spanish 21 and Las Vegas Strip. As it can be understood, players have to be very careful when choosing the game to play. Moreover, there exist other important variations to know.

Worldwide Blackjack Variations


The betting rules differ from casino to casino and from country to country. Each blackjack table has its rules and maximum as well as minimum limits. So, it is necessary to know to be confident.

Decks in the shoe and cards in the deck

The number of decks in the shoe varies and it depends on the casino. It is considered that it does not influence the odds of the game but in reality, it does. The same is with the number of cards in the decks. Blackjack games differ much be this feature, as for example, the decks are without 10s in Spanish 21.


Card shuffling is very important and many casinos pay a great attention to it. The procedure of shuffling differs as it influences greatly the players’ odds of winning. The cards are mostly shuffled after each round as the increased frequency of shuffling reduces the possibilities of using card counting. Moreover, many casinos out of the USA make use of constant shuffling machines.

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