Website Design

Website Design

Are you looking for the best web design at an affordable price? There are many issues to consider when choosing a firm to design your website. The Internet is open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you need a fast, reliable website that is flexible and cost-effective.

Whether you are small or large, Kattare offers uniquely different design packages to meet your needs. Our experienced designers will create a websites you will be proud of. We offer custom website development incorporating the latest web technologies and programming. Click here to take a look at some pages we have done.

Design Philosophy:

At Kattare our design philosophy is simple. We strive to design websites that are organized and user-friendly. Our websites digital marketing and designs are carefully designed to ensure compatibility and fast download speeds. We do not design overly ambitious websites that take too long to download because we know people don’t like to wait. We see websites serving specific functions and develop them to perform those functions as quickly and easily as possible. However, we do pay attention to the visual appeal of a website. We carefully balance all the factoring principles to ensure that your website is fast, friendly and attractive.

Graphic Design:

Our design solutions are not limited to internet applications. We employ a complete design studio available to service any need for graphic design applications. In addition to web page graphics, we design company logos, letterheads, and page layout designs for brochures, and printed literature.

Server Co-Locations & Dedicated Servers:

Fulfill your internet needs with a package from Kattare. Our services will provide you with fast, reliable Internet connectivity as well as a state-of-the-art server and tools to deliver rich, dynamic content to your customers and vendors.

The Machine (Dedicated Server Package):

Sign up for our Dedicated Server package and we’ll build you a server! Using the latest release of Linux, The latest release of Webmin (Complete system administration via the web!), an 800Mhz – 1.2 Ghz AMD Athlon Processor, 128 – 768 MB of SDRAM, a 20 – 80 GB IDE DMA 100 Hardrive, and a 100-baseT network card, we’ll put together and install a server that will run circles around the competition. Still, need even more power? No problem! We can arrange payments on whatever server components you need us to purchase and install.

The Connection

We’ll put you on our high-bandwidth, fully redundant multi-homed T1 connections so that your server will respond quickly and reliably. In addition, it will be plugged into a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) virtually guaranteeing a minimum of downtime. In addition, you will be allowed 10 GB of free transfer, with each GB after that costing only $5/mo.

Bonus Services

Dedicated servers and Co-locations also receive some special benefits at Kattare including but not limited to: Bandwidth usage graphs, Machine health monitoring (if your machine stops responding we get paged!), Full machine backups, and the ability to turn the power to your server on and off via the web! (a real lifesaver in those rare occurrences that your server may stop responding.

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