How Google Search Engine Work?

Google Search Engine

Here Some Tips:


Google will crawl your website or web pages, gather the information from your website, and save the information in our search engine databases. First of all, submit your website to different search engines like google, Yandex, Bing, and others. For google submission, go to the google search console and submit your website. Add the sitemap on your website then Google will crawl the web pages in your website.


When Google visits the pages, Google has crawled the website and tries to analyze more about the website pages. Google or other search engines analyze the content, images, and videos on your website. All this information is stored in the google index and other search engine indexers and saves the data in their database.


When the user performs a google search, Google tries to shows the highest quality results in the top ten results. The website should be mobile-friendly. Because in 2021, Google has already launched the mobile bots for checking the website will be friendly or not. So, it resolves the issues and gets the ranking in any search engine.

Technical SEO:

After all these things, you will focus on the creative and unique content for your website or your client’s website. Do the Keywords Research properly. Use the keywords and suggested keywords in your content also. Write for us also and get the quality backlinks to your website. Same for you, go to the others website and see the traffic and performance of the website and write for them and get the high-quality backlinks free and paid also. Don’t see the money; focus on the quality of your website.

Set The Best Keyword to Rank for:

After finding your Niche Second step is setting the best keyword for your website. Setting keyword means you will tell Google or any other search engine that your website should appear in the results if some search the exact or relevant keyword term. This process can be done quickly by following instructions.

Go to google and search for a phrase pertinent to your niche or category. Following our previous example, we will search for the keyword related to the online garments shop, which is very easy. I will search for online garments. Yes, this is a perfect keyword we should set this keyword for our website to rank for. But wait, if this is an ideal keyword, may some have already taken this keyword for their website because we have competitors as well. It means it will be complicated for us the appear in search by setting this keyword.