Asia on a Shoestring Budget

Asia Shoestring Budget

Asia has some of the most exciting and tasty food the world has to offer, is packed with stunning temples, statues and ancient history, and is just bursting with beautiful beaches, crystal clear topaz water – just perfect for scuba diving in – and home to some of the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet.

Another thing that makes Asia such an attractive destination is of course the fact that many of its countries have some of the lowest cost of living levels you’ll find whilst traveling the globe. When it comes to backpacking on a shoestring budget that really counts for something, so it’s easy to see why Asia tops the list when it comes to the backpackers wish list.

In terms of where to go, it’s best to stick to Southeast Asia if you want to experience everything this amazing continent has to offer without breaking the bank. To give you a helping hand, here are my favorite countries:


If I had to pick a favorite then Thailand would top the list for me, with so very much to offer, you could easily spend month upon month exploring everything it has to offer at With its amazing cuisine – a superlative mix of exotic spices, fresh ingredients and eastern influences – an abundance of ancient temples, oodles of culture and accommodating locals, you really will want to stay here.

If you like your scuba diving, or even just snorkeling, Thailand has many beautiful beaches and exotic bays where you can experience all manner of marine life. One piece of advice though; don’t forget to check the small print on your travel insurance policy to make sure you are covered for this activity as it can be a common exclusion.


Cheaper than Thailand but quickly becoming one of Asia’s most popular destinations, in Cambodia you’ll get really cheap food & accommodation and you’ll soon be taken with the sense of spirituality and magic to be found here.

Cambodia is fast escaping the horrors of the civil war that once raged there and security has improved vastly in the last decade making it much safer for tourists. With beaches and temples to rival Thailand’s, it’s easy to see why the country is returning to the backpackers’ wish list.


Even cheaper than Cambodia when it comes to cost of living, Vietnam is a country of contrasts ranging from beautiful mountain backdrops to verdant rice fields, stunning coastline vistas to large cities and then back to sleepy little villages and watery green fields.

Even the weather here seems to go from one extreme to the other as the country spans different climate zones that encompass tropical and subtropical weather characteristics. You can visit Vietnam at any time of the year as there is always somewhere at just the right temperature.


The world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia encompasses over 17,000 islands so you’ll be kept busy if you add the country to your itinerary. Located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, you’ll see lots of evidence of volcanic activity; there around 70 volcanoes that have been historically active here/

You’ll need to be patient when traveling around Indonesia as many parts of the country have only a rudimentary infrastructure but its well worth it for the sights you’ll take in and the memory’s you’ll form. Accommodation is cheap and the people are friendly & welcoming so you’ll find that your budget stretches further here but cost of living can vary from place to place given the size of this country.